My inspiration lies within the great creators before me from Irving Penn ideas and concepts of taking photos of celebrities in between two drywalls with a piece of carpet in the middle during the 50s and 60s, Gordon Parks contemporary style of photography, to Johnathan Mannion taking rare photos of very prolific music artists in the 90s, and lastly to my peers that continue to further the boundaries of photography and life. But what lies beneath my inspiration and passion for photography is the enormous intuitive details of a photograph, the story that can not be told verbally, and the expansiveness that a photograph can hold.   

My Story

For more than 4 years my lens has told the story of many lives in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from the heroes, to musicians, to people from all walks of life. This art is an eclectic makeup of aesthetic, creativity, and originality to connect with the subject or model's in mind. I started off in photography as a way to prove my closest friend wrong, in which I can create beautiful works of art and ever since then each click of my camera I am proving him and many others wrong. My mother is a big inspiration to my photography from her style, beauty, and smile that resonates in every woman I take photos of. Capturing an experience, a moment, and spirit in a photograph is a specialty that I have honed and look to expand as an artist/photographer.

"Until the Lion has a Historian, the Hunter will always be the Hero"


For the past 2 years my goal for creating a culture of photography in Milwaukee Wisconsin has set sail, well beyond the sights of myself and the photographers here in my hometown. My goal here is to link the importance of photography, film, and visual arts to the community and vice visa, because without the people their is no inspiration for art and also no connection or imitation to life. This is a statement I stand by with integrity and pursuit of telling the world of a growing city that is Milwaukee. 



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