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Project 220


This project is about the possible ending of the 220 Program here in Milwaukee, which is essentially a lottery program allowing children from the inner city into neighboring suburban schools. As stated in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in an April 2015 article, "One of the quieter assaults on public education is Gov. Scott Walker's proposal in his 2015-'17 budget to end the 38-year-old Chapter 220 voluntary integration program. Walker claims that declining interest in the program is a reason to abolish it". With that, I myself am a product of the Chapter 220 Program and would have a drastically different outcome to my life if I was not afforded this opportunity.

With that, these black and white portraits represents the aspirations of skillful professionals, in careers that are life changing for the world, their communities, their families and most importantly themselves. These colorful graffiti style illustrations collide with each individual child to paint the wheatpaste photograph as a sign of inspiration for the community that embraces the future and aspiration for the child that wants to make a change in that community.